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Europe Cruises

Europe offers more geographical, cultural and political diversity than any other cruise destination.

Vigeland Monolith FrognerparkenThe majority of sail throughout this region, with many of them cruising from the UK. Celebrity Cruises sails four ships in Europe. European cruise destinations include the British Isles, Norwegian Fjords and the Mediterranean.

Cruising in Europe need not only mean cruising the Mediterranean, try a northern European cruise on a Baltic Cruise or a Norwegian Fjords Cruise and experience how these destinations can offer a different view of Europe as you sail into ancient ports and cruise down majestic fjords.

If, however, you prefer to traverse ancient trade routes in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun then head to eastern Europe and enjoy a Mediterranean cruise that will take you from Venice to Greece to Turkey to the Black Sea and further.Europe also offers the perfect arena to cruise for the first time.

With many options to the Mediterranean and sailings direct from the UK, we can offer you a variety of European cruise options with all the top cruise lines.

Sail around the United Kingdom, experience the Norwegian Fjords, or the Greek Islands. It is a world literally on your doorstep.

Northern Europe

AmsterdamIt's the ancient land of legends and kings, where empires were built and destroyed. Dreams and ideas came to fruition here, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and in the grand halls of St. Petersburg. Today, the call of Europe is stronger than ever, with its brilliant mosaic of bygone eras and modern-day wonders.

Stand at the base of the temple of Poseidon and it's as if you were at the threshold of modern civilization. But look beyond the hilltops of Athens, to the intricate canals of Venice or the gothic cathedrals of Spain; gaze northward to the shores of Normandy or the cliffs of Edinburgh; reach for the great Viking waters of Norway or the virgin tundra of North Cape. Only then will you begin to comprehend the scope and history of this most wondrous continent.

Eiffel Tower in ParisThe great cities and islands of the Old World have beckoned seafaring travelers for centuries to its shores — from world capitals to glacial wonders. From world-famous landmarks to the myriad choices in theatre, shopping and museums, Europe's largest capital never ceases to amaze or inspire.

Paris, the "City of Light", offers world-class shopping and architecture as well as gastronomic and artistic masterpieces. Once you've seen Paris you're sure to fall in love with it.

There's no shortage of sights to explore or brews to sample in Dublin. Visit a castle, take a walking tour, or enjoy a tasty pint with a perfectly, frothy head.

Capital and largest city of Denmark, Copenhagen was famed author Hans Christian Andersen's home, and, in fact, the fairy tale feeling is everywhere in this city.

Eastern Europe

Spices & tea in Istanbul's Grand BazaarCruising to this end of the Mediterranean also leads to where Europe meets Asia: right in the middle of the mosques and minarets of Turkey's bustling capital, Istanbul.

Here you can shop in the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar and take in the sights and sounds of this lively city. Colourful not only in terms of its people, crafts and buildings, the city pulsates to the sounds of children, hawkers and carpet sellers. A place in which to immerse yourself in the different culture, foods and architecture, it is a highlight for many.

AcropolisArriving in the Turkish port of Kusadasi you can spend a memorable day in Ephesus. One of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, the pillared streets, crumbling theatres, baths and temples remain dazzling even in their aged state.

Under the rule of the Romans Ephesus became the Aegean’s chief port. Boasting a population of some 25,000, the city houses mansions, courtyards and a massive theatre, as well as more modest dwellings; the remains of which are still evident today.

Calling at classical Greek holiday islands like Rhodes, Zakinthos, Cephalonia and Corfu present whitewashed houses and inviting tavernas, whilst Athens calls from the port of Piraeus. Dominating the Athenian landscape is the awesome sight of the Acropolis where you can take a trip through the remains of ancient Athens and relive the most glorious years of Greek history.


Square of SpainSun worshippers will not find a better mix of blazing temperatures and golden beaches with Mediterranean culture as they will find on an Iberian cruise. From the year-round sun of the Canary Islands, to the humid marine climate of Bilbao and atmospheric old quarter of Lisbon, an Iberian cruise can be the perfect summer holiday for the whole family.

Most Iberian cruises sail from Liverpool or Tilbury, making for Bilbao as the first port of call. Home to the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, the city's vibrant atmosphere is testament to its recent economic boom. From here most Iberian cruises then head to the Canary Islands. The "Fortunate Isles" as they are affectionately known enjoy year-round sun, some glorious beaches, spectacular scenery and some of the most vibrant resorts anywhere in the world.

Madeira MarketThe charming Atlantic coast port of Vigo is another favoured stop for many cruises of the Iberian peninsula, with its clean, sandy beaches, many musical concerts and facilities for all kinds of water sports, making it an ideal destination to while away a couple of days.

However, the garden island of Madeira is for many the highlight of the trip. Known as "the pearl of the Atlantic", the island's spectacular views, enchanting gardens, volcanic caves and picturesque villages make it one of the most popular stops in the peninsula.

And with the historic sights, sublime old quarters and the vitality of modern Lisbon still to come, a cruise of the Iberian Peninsula has something for every member of the family to love.

Windmills in Holland Arc de Triomphe in Paris Island

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