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Is There Cabin Service Onboard?

Author - Virgin Holidays Cruises

One of the perks of staying in a hotel is getting room service. So why not expect the same of your cruise ship? Some cruise lines offer cabin service, which is more or less the same thing. Nothing makes you feel more like VIP than being able to order whatever food or drink you desire straight to your cabin – luxurious or what?

Not all hotels have room service; usually, it’s just the luxury ones with three, four or five stars and some of them actually charge you each time you place an order. This is what we might expect on land, but what about on a cruise ship?

Of course, different cruise lines will have different types of cabin service if they offer it. Depending what holiday package you’ve picked, ordering something directly from the kitchen to your cabin might not be included in the price.

“We thought you might want to know what you can expect to find in a typical cabin, in case you want to make yourself a quick brew or fancy a swift nightcap.”


If you think you might fancy a midnight snack during your holiday, then here’s what some of the major cruise lines offer in terms of cabin service. We thought you might want to know what you can expect to find in a typical cabin, in case you want to make yourself a quick brew or fancy a swift nightcap.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Until midnight, room service is included in the price with Royal Caribbean. It’s also available 24 hours a day. In each cabin, you can expect to find a minibar or refrigerator, hairdryer, TV and telephone.

Celebrity Cruises

Room service is available for most of the day and is free of charge. You also get free tea and filter coffee. In some suites, you get fresh fruit delivered to your door every morning and canapés during the afternoon – just like a true A-lister!

“You also get free tea and filter coffee.”

Norwegian Cruise Line

From 5am to midnight, you don’t have to pay anything for room service. Outside of those times, using the service will cost a small fee. You can also order breakfast, lunch and dinner through room service, if you don’t fancy heading to the restaurant.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney offers free room service 24 hours a day until 1:30am on the final day of your cruise. You can order breakfast, lunch and dinner to your room as well as snacks.

As for other extras, you can expect to find a mini-fridge, iPod docking station, a phone, TV and in-room safe for all your valuables. In most rooms, tea and coffee are also complimentary.

Carnival Cruises

24-hour stateroom service is included with all packages. You can also order breakfast, lunch and dinner over the phone if you desire.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Tea and coffee are free of charge during the day, while you can also expect to get free sandwiches and snacks in your cabin if you’re feeling a little peckish. As for room service, it’s available from 10am to 10pm free of charge.


“24-hour stateroom service is included with all packages.”


MSC Cruises

MSC take a different tact as they charge for service on a daily basis, adding it to your cruise account. Children under the age of 14 don’t have any Hotel Service Charge applied, while kids between 14 and 18 are charged at a reduced rate of $3, $4.5, $6, €3 or €3.5 nightly (this price only applies for European cruises) depending on where the cruise ship is going.

As for adults, the charges vary a bit. In the Caribbean, they cost either $12 or €6 a night. South American cruises cost $9 or €6, South African cruises cost either $6 or €6 while cruises around Europe, the Antilles and Emirates cost between €6 and €7.

Princess Cruises

With Princess, you can order food at any time of the day courtesy of their complimentary room service. To order continental breakfast, simply fill in the breakfast card and hang it on the door handle of your cabin. You can order sandwiches, hot dishes, salads and desserts for your cabin from the Room Service menu.

Each stateroom onboard will have a refrigerator, electric hairdryer, fresh fruit and bathrobes (the latter two on request). Private safes come as standard too.