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Are There Pools Reserved Just for Kids?

Author - Virgin Holidays Cruises

Our family-friendly ships are designed to ensure you and your family have the very best holiday. We know there’ll be times when you’ll want some time to relax and the kids will want to go play, meet new people or just capture their mojo. Swimming pools are a great place for kids to be kids, so what pools are onboard especially for kids?

The vast majority of cruise lines pride themselves on being child-friendly. Many of the onboard swimming pools are evidence of that, as they’re likely to have at least a waterslide where they can get a splashy adrenaline rush that’s not possible at home.

To be on the safe side, if you’re on a cruise with young kids, you might want to see what they’re up to, just to make sure that they’re safe. Having a kids-only swimming pool is a dream for kids, which is why many of our cruise lines have them onboard.


“The vast majority of cruise lines pride themselves on being child-friendly.”

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean specifies that they have adults-only pools onboard some of their ships. As for the kids, it depends on their age whether or not they need to be accompanied by an adult if they want to go for a swim or ride at the H2O Zone.

Celebrity Cruises

Aboard the top deck of their ships, kids can get swimming lessons from onboard instructors without their parents needing to be present, giving them time to relax and unwind in the onboard Jacuzzis.

Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL only allow kids to play in the pools if supervised under their Splash Academy or Entourage programmes. Otherwise, if swimming, parents must accompany and supervise their children at all times.

Disney Cruise Line

Disney has pools exclusively for adults as well as kids. For the little ones, there’s Satellite Falls aboard Disney Fantasy and the Wading Pool on the same ship. Quiet Cove pool is on each of their four ships and is also adults only.

For the kids, under-threes can visit Nephews’ Splash Zone on Disney Magic. Meanwhile, Mickey’s pool, which is on all ships, is just for kids too.

“Disney has pools exclusively for adults as well as kids”

Carnival Cruises

Children aged between 9 and 17 are able to go swimming without their parents, but only under the Swimming under the Stars of Survivor Swim Challenge programmes. As for adults, they can go to the Cloud 9 Spa and use the Thalassotherapy Pool.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Both pools onboard can be used by both adults and children, as long as children are supervised by an adult. However, the Jacuzzis are off-limits for the little ones.


“MSC do have swimming activities just for children in their kids’ clubs.”


MSC Cruises

MSC do have swimming activities just for children in their kids’ clubs. If they join, then you’re free to let them splash around under the supervision of their highly-trained deck staff.

Princess Cruises

Princess has The Sanctuary on some of their ships. While it’s strictly adults-only, the Pirate’s View onboard the Caribbean Princess is a great place for kids to play, has its own splash pool.