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New York Stay & Cruise

Take a bite out of The Big Apple

The city so good they named it twice, New York is home to hundreds of stars, but none of them is quite as bright as you. The ultimate city, New York is iconic and it really does live up to the hype. Walking through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn is like walking through the set of your favourite movie or TV show, and you have the starring role.

There is so much to see and do in this incredible city that you’ll never want to leave. That is until it’s time to jump aboard your cruise to visit the fabulous Caribbean islands, or discover a new part of the USA. Take a trip of a lifetime, completely shaped to fit your every need, and visit the destinations of your dreams on a New York Stay + Cruise.

What is a New York Stay & Cruise like?

A New York Stay & Cruise holiday will suit you down to the ground and out to sea. A weekend in the city that never sleeps just isn’t enough, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time in the sun. Spend some time in New York, spotting the sites, indulging in incredible foods and being dazzled by the bright lights of Times Square.

Once you’ve transformed into a true New Yorker, jump onboard a luxury cruise to be carried to incredible tropical destinations. You’ll be treated like the superstar you are on these ships; the journey is as incredible as the destinations themselves.

Cruises from New York

Once you’ve finished exploring New York’s urban jungle, take a trip to the sun-soaked Caribbean islands or the Bahamas. If you haven’t finished with the United States of America, New England is the place to be, followed by its beautiful sister country, Canada.

Things to do in New York

You will never be bored in New York. As the ultimate experience, your Mojo will feel spoilt with the volume of sights and experiences on offer. Whatever you want to discover in the city, you’ll be able to indulge yourself entirely.

Be dazzled by the lights in Time Square. Discover the natural haven of Central Park. Take a selfie with the Statue of Liberty. Walk down the streets made famous by Sex and the City and Girls. Splash some cash in Bloomingdales and Barneys. The amount of things to do in the most famous city in the world are only limited by one thing: your imagination.

Best time to visit New York

Each season brings a unique aesthetic to New York. Spring is fantastic if you want to enjoy the sun without the heat, while the summer months can be incredibly hot. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit as the trees begin to turn, and winter transforms the city into a snow-dusted wonderland.

The cruise destinations, however, may influence your decision on when to visit. The snowy New York season of December to April is perhaps the best time to visit the Caribbean and the Bahamas. May to November are typically better for visiting New England and Canada, as the winter months can be incredibly cold in these places