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Far East Cruises

Soaring skyscrapers and serene paddy fields present a collage of contrasting cultures. Life in the many picturesque rural villages continues unchanged as it has done for centuries. While in stark contrast you will marvel at the sheer pace and sense of vitality abundantly evident in the region`s many ultra-modern cities. Everyone seems to be on the move - working, eating, buying and selling. When travelling to this part of the world, it is difficult not to find yourself totally immersed in the experience - these cities demand it.

What is a Far East Cruise like?

Indulge yourself in all the Orient has to offer. Enjoy the comfort of your luxury cruise ship, while you’re travelling between far flung destinations and soak up the VIP lifestyle enjoying world-class cuisine, sipping on cocktails, partying on deck or relaxing in the spa between your shore excusrsion.

Asia & the Far East have a fantastic mix of cultures and traditions some of which are only accessible by sea. You could find yourself exploring the limestone Islets of Halong Bay one day, and the bright lights and skyscrapers of Hong Kong the next - There is no better way to Seize the Holiday!

Ports of Call on a Far East Cruise

A Far East cruise offers that ultimate once in a lifetime holiday that you have always dreamt of. Create incredible memories - Take in iconic destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali as well as some of the most unspoilt and untouched destinations in the world such as Xiamen, Yangon and Kota Kinabalu.

The places you can stay

At Virgin Holidays we are all about ensuring that you can make the most of your Cruise and Stay. We have hand-picked some of the best hotels in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Phuket and Bali, making it easier for you to explore and immerse yourself in all things Oriental.

Things to do on a Far East Cruise

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of things to explore during your far eastern adventure, but we aare here to help! With a wide range of shore excursions available throughout the destinations, planning your holiday couldn’t be easier. Whether you want visit ancient temples, majestic rainforests or see amazing wildlife, it’s all done for you, and of course the more adventurous you are free to explore - just be back before the ship sails!

Best time to go on a Far East Cruise

Weather will vary between destinations but on the whole, January to October are favoured by many holidaymakers. With many of the destinations on or around the equator, temperatures will range between 24 and 33 degrees centigrade. But add in the humidity and it can become very sticky so remember to drink plenty of water! It’s also worth noting that cyclones are prominent in this region between November & April

Venturing a little further north to China, Japan & South Korea and you'll need to bring a few warmer clothes, as temperatures during these months can range between 7-30 degrees centigrate. But once you’re standing on the Great Wall of China or exploring downtown Hiroshima you’ll be too busy Seizing the Holiday to care.